The Milton-Madison Bridge


This painting is part of my one-man show to be held in Madison, Indiana.  I will be at a reception there from 2-4 pm on Saturday, February 13th at Joeyg’s, 218 E. Main Street, Madison, IN.

The painting is of the bridge that goes over the Ohio River from Milton, Kentucky to Madison, Indiana.   It is an important painting because the historic bridge will be torn down in the near future and I want people to remember it.

The painting shows the bridge  across the top with the city of Madison below.  The hills in back of the city are in shadow which is portrayed in blue.  Madison itself is the focus, especially with the white steeples reaching upwards.  Note the reflections of them painted into the water below.  Also note that the river reflects the blue sky and the bridge.  I’m somewhat distraught that the bridge will be gone — to me, the city and the bridge are very much a part of each other.

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February 7, 2010

Michelle @ 9:53 pm #

Good luck at your show!

Jennifer @ 10:37 pm #

I love this one, especially the water! Great job.

February 8, 2010

Jared @ 6:09 am #

I like the painting. Was I with you when it was photographed?
Too bad it is being torn down. It is one of my favorite things about Madison.

Susie @ 10:33 am #

Such beautiful colors and reflections! I agree about the bridge coming down. It is such a striking subject in your painting.

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