The North Sea


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When my daughter and her husband lived in Cologne (Koln) Germany my wife and I enjoyed visiting them there. They would take us on exciting trips to fun places like Stockholm, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. One of our most fun days was spent on the North Sea in Belgium. We had a picnic on the beach and we enjoyed playing with our three grandchildren there.

This painting shows our daughter, Jennifer, with her baby Natalie. My wife, Norene, is seen in the distance with Zach and Ashley. I have tried to give the appearance of water by reflecting the blue sky and the three people who are wading. I have not painted much detail. I prefer painting the basic shapes I see which allows the mind to fill in the rest.

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August 24, 2008

Christine @ 3:34 pm #

I think this painting evokes such a sweet emotion.

Jennifer @ 3:41 pm #

What a great memory!! I love the figures as well as the sand and the water.

Larraine @ 6:34 pm #

Oh WOW! I hadn’t realized this was from Germany. Yes, I DO LOVE the feel of the day! It looks like such fun!

August 27, 2008

Jan @ 11:51 pm #

This painting brings back very fond memories of clam bakes at Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island when my children were small. Thanks for transporting me there to re-live that happy time.

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