The Seventh Day of Christmas


On the seventh day of Christmas, what did I see?

A deer in the forest.


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December 19, 2010

Chuck @ 2:22 pm #

Seeing the deer makes me feel happy.

Margaret @ 4:13 pm #

It’s so cute and so appropriate too! New painting??

Angie @ 5:30 pm #

I love those trees! Great picture.

Susie @ 9:28 pm #

I love this, Tom! The trees, the deer, the snow…perfect winter painting.

December 20, 2010

Jennifer @ 8:20 am #

I love the deer, it’s perfect for the twelve days.

Christine Roach @ 12:44 pm #

This is such a fun painting. I’ve never seen it before.

December 23, 2010

Tom painted this deer in memory of my mother, who is named Fawn. In 2008, I was having a difficult time celebrating Christmas, because she had died earlier in the year. I asked Tom to consider painting something that I could send to my friends and my mom’s friends in an Electronic Christmas card. He asked me questions about my sweet mom, such as her favorite color and what she liked. She loved the color green and she always went to the majestic mountains in Utah. Then, Tom lovingly created this beautiful painting within a very short time. This picture of a “Fawn” really helped me deal with the first Christmas without my mother.

Seeing this painting again brings tears to my eyes and helps me remember what good friends Tom and Norene have been. It also reminds me of the gentle love and reassurance that I will see my beautiful mother again someday. Tom, I appreciate your kindness so much and I want you to know how much your friendship since high school has always meant to me. You are a kind and compassionate person and I consider myself fortunate to know you. ~Jan Smith La Bard, South Jordan, Utah.

Tom Slack @ 4:09 pm #

Thanks, Jan. That means a lot.

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