The Sixth Day of Christmas


On the sixth day of Christmas, what did I see?

A beautiful blanket of snow.


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December 18, 2010

Nicole @ 8:55 am #

I love this painting. It is super pretty

Christine Roach @ 10:09 am #

This painting is very fun to look at and does look like a Christmas painting with the snow on the ground and the trees.

Susie @ 10:20 am #

Oh, this one is absolutely gorgeous!

Angie @ 11:30 am #

I love when paintings draw you into an imaginary world. When I saw this picture I thought of walking down the sidewalk going Christmas shopping. The air would be crisp, but I would be wrapped in toasty winter clothing. In the background you can hear Kenny G’s “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”

December 20, 2010

Jennifer @ 8:19 am #

Indianapolis is beautiful at Christmas time.

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