The Third Day of Christmas


On the third day of Christmas, what did I see?

Barricades on Market Street.


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December 15, 2010

Jennifer @ 8:41 am #

This is really fun to revisit some of your paintings. I love the lighting on this one.

Susie @ 8:51 am #

I can’t wait to see what you see each day of Christmas! Your paintings are the perfect Christmas gift.

Angie @ 9:29 am #

This is fun! What a great idea to do the 12 days of Christmas. I love this painting and the contrast between the darkness and the light.

Donna Benjamin @ 9:34 am #

What a lovely picture. I used to work on that street at Blue Cross and Blue Shield ! That was the view when I got out of work! Minus the barricades of course! I wish you and Norene the best Christmas ever!!! God Bless!

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