The Twelfth Day of Christmas


On the twelfth day of Christmas, what did I see?

The Holy Family.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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December 24, 2010

Jennifer @ 7:09 am #

What a perfect way to end the twelve days, with a picture of why we celebrate at all. What a great way to start celebrating.

Sarah @ 7:44 am #

What a beautiful painting. The lighting is amazing, but the subject matter is so perfect. Thank you for posting this painting today.

Jim Bless @ 8:08 am #

how wonderful. I thinkim using it as my new background

Susie @ 8:44 am #

Perfect painting for the 12th Day! Thanks for sharing your talents and making this a part of the holidays. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Nicole @ 9:08 am #

This is probably my very favorite painting. It is so beautiful.

Margaret @ 9:15 am #

I reallly love this painting and have a small copy of it hanging in my house year round to remind me of the true meaning of Christmas. Your 12 Days of Christmas have been so neat and I’ve appreciated seeing them each day! Thanks.

Donna @ 9:37 am #

Enjoyed every single day, thank you for sharing. This one is the best!

Angie @ 11:53 am #

What a fabulous picture to bring us to Christmas! The painting is a beautiful portrayal of the sacred and special night the Savior was born. I love the expressions on Mary’s and Joseph’s face as they look at their newborn son. You captured it perfectly.

Tom, this is still so exquisite. Thank you for posting it. I truly love the full representation of the birth of Jesus Christ.

As I rush around trying to get all the finishing touches done and complete my preparations for my children, their spouses and their children– this painting gives me a moment to pause. I am remembering that it is not to make sure that I have the potatoe casserole ingredients and a few more coloring books for the little ones…but that I truly remember the “Gift” of Jesus’ birth and how it has impacted my life…and the life of each of my progeny. Merry Christmas, Tom and Norene. I hope that this day is very joyful and blessed for you.

Christine @ 5:41 pm #

This is such a beautiful painting, and I feel the spirit every time I look at it.

March 27, 2011

Ashley @ 9:06 pm #

I love this painting! This has always been one of my favorites. The colors are so beautiful and so perfect. I feel so happy every time that I see it. It was very special to me to hear the story about how this painting came to be. The angel in the back is perfect- it is like Moroni is serenading the Saviors birth. Thank you!


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