Third Annual Self-Portrait



This is my third annual self-portrait. The first can be seen on the January 2, 2012 post. The second is January 20, 2013. I’m continuing a tradition started by my wife. She knew that Rembrandt and Frida Kahlo did an annual portrait, so I’m doing it too.

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January 9, 2014

Jennifer @ 4:31 pm #

I love this! There is more of a smile. Also, I love the colors in your beard. Well done!

Todd @ 4:40 pm #

That’s really great, Tom. Contrary to your emailed “old coot” comment, though, no, I don’t think you look like a coot.

Sarah @ 4:51 pm #

I love this! You just keep getting better.

Dave @ 4:51 pm #

A nice old coot, however. Looks like someone I’d be happy to know.

Angie @ 4:52 pm #

It looks so well done! Nice job.

jared slack @ 5:32 pm #

I absolutely love it!

Becky Yingling @ 5:59 pm #

I love this painting!

Angie @ 6:00 pm #

I just had to pull it up again and take another look. Wow. Perfect eyes, skin, and hair! Awesome.

Becky Yingling @ 6:00 pm #

@Dave: Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted to say, but didn’t know how to say it. There’s a loving smile on that face.

Becky Yingling @ 6:07 pm #

Oops, and to my last comments, the “exactly what I wanted to say” was referring to “Looks like someone I’d be happy to know.”

Teri Williams @ 7:53 pm #

Awesome 3rd portrait, Tom…hope 2014 goes well and you paint everything you want!!!

Margaret sac @ 11:36 pm #

Another great one! You always have had the ability to create such wonderful self portraits through the years. I really like this year’s.

January 10, 2014

Sharon @ 1:36 pm #

Incredible! I absolutely love this one! Well done! Well done!

January 13, 2014

Susie @ 10:51 am #

The best self portrait yet! WOW!!

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