Three Quarter View


Some portraits are done with the subject looking straight at you.  Others just show a profile.  A three quarter view is something in-between.  That is what this one is.  The subject is looking sideways but still both eyes can be seen.

This is my wife, Norene.  She was watching television.  I felt like doing a quick painting of her.  I didn’t want it to look like a photograph.  I could do that with a camera.  Instead, I wanted to put feeling into it, much like a musician does when they play their instrument.  I just let my brush flow.  I didn’t worry too much about colors, but instead, was random.  The finished product is an expression of emotion as I saw my wife.  I am happy with it.  That’s all that matters.

You will notice that her face is on the left side of the canvas with the right side being empty.  Imagine the edges of the canvas being a doorway.  She would be leaning against the left side with the right side being open.  If her head were further to the right, it would appear that she was going to run into the other side.

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January 11, 2011

G. Ottley @ 7:51 pm #

I have come to enjoy your explanations as much as your work.

January 12, 2011

Michelle @ 4:15 am #

Very nice. So interesting all the colors you use.

Sarah @ 7:09 am #

Love it.

Jennifer @ 7:49 am #

I love this new painting for several reasons. First, I really like to see you experimenting with new techniques. I really like the looser feel about it and also the use of color. The 3/4 face is much more difficult, an you did a great job with it.

Christine @ 9:50 am #

You are amazing and so is your subject. :)

Allen clark @ 11:18 am #

All of the colors in the face are so interesting.

Nicole @ 2:36 pm #

I love mommy’s shirt and neck in this painting.

Margaret @ 6:17 pm #

Your e-mail explanation of the way you painted this portrait is so interesting. I love the random colors used not only for background but also to give texture to her hair and her blouse. What a great job you did on her jaw as well. Good job. Go for it!

January 13, 2011

Dave @ 8:46 am #

It’s great to see you painting. I like this one very much.

Susie @ 9:49 am #

I can see the emotion in your painting. It’s like a love story on canvas. Beautiful, Tom!!

January 15, 2011

Becky @ 9:20 pm #

I agree about your explanation of the portrait in your e-mail. It was probably as creative as your painting, and made me very interested to see your painting. You are not only a great artist, but in my opinion, also a great writer.

January 22, 2011

Mary @ 3:43 pm #

I am crazy about catching a feeling that is not posed. I love this picture.

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