Tomato Blossoms


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Last winter my wife dug the grass away from the fence.  This spring she had me buy some bricks for a border and two large bags of potting soil.  She lovingly planted tomato plants, peppers, zuchini and crookneck squash and some pole beans.  We’re experiencing the benefits each night with fresh salads with the fruits of her garden.

As a little kid I liked to stand on my head and see what things looked like upside-down.  I’m still that way.  I love to look at things from unusual angles. This view is from down below and sideways.  You see my wife’s tomato plant right next to the chain-link fence.  There is a rythm.  Each link is one rythm, then the blossoms in a row.  The lines on the side of the building do the same thing.  You could imagine a child laying on the grass looking at this scene.  In the case of this painting, it would begin raining on him in the next few minutes.

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July 22, 2008

Jennifer @ 9:17 am #

I absolutely LOVE how this turned out!! I love the rhythm and repeating patterns that are found in our world and the beauty that can be found in ordinary things, if only we look. This week my kids and I have been learning more about different types of art, and the thing that we have noticed most is that great artists can help us look at ordinary things in a whole new way. Thanks!!

Susie @ 10:31 am #

The thought of you hanging upside down to view the tomato plant makes me laugh. (Your neighbors must have gotten a kick out of that!) The painting you came up with is great! I love your explanation of rhythm and the way the lines of the different objects line up.

Nicole @ 1:20 pm #

Jake and I love this painting. The colors are so warm and inviting, and as you know – I am a sucker for flower paintings.

Larraine @ 2:45 pm #

Very nice painting!

July 26, 2008

Christine @ 7:26 am #

You are very smart about what you paint. Who would think to paint tomato blossoms? This painting looks warm and pretty.

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