There is a park near where my children grew up that used to have a rocket ship slippery slide.  You would climb up inside of it, then go down the slide.  Kids liked to link up and ride down together.  This painting represents the excitement they would have when they travelled down in a train.

The background is basically non-detailed because the focus is on the children.  The faces are done in a quick, impressionist method to give the feeling of motion.  Since their faces are not done in a photo-realistic manner, they could be anyone’s children.  I have portrayed each face with a different kind of expression.  My intent was to creat the feeling of the excitement and innocence of youth.

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September 13, 2008

Marty @ 10:44 pm #

This painting sparks fond memories of my own childhood. Thank you for sharing.

September 20, 2008

Christine @ 9:23 pm #

This painting definitely fulfills your intent. Even before I read your blog the “excitement and innocence of youth” is what I felt was portrayed.

August 16, 2010

Theressa @ 9:12 pm @ 9:19 pm #

I own this painting. Unfortunately, I have been unable to display it in my new home. It has always reminded me of many nights at drive in movies of days gone by when we played before the lights went out forcing us back to our cars.

If anyone is interested in purchasing, I would be willing to part with it. I love Tom’s work and this has graced my prior homes years. There is a companion piece that has children on a spinning ride on a typical playground that is also lovely that captures the same emotion. I envied it but could not afford it at the time. I have always mourned losing it.

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