My wife and I stopped to visit the amazing West Baden Springs Hotel in southern Indiana. It’s very famous. It was built in 1902  and is known for it’s vast domed atrium. The dome was the largest in the world from 1902 until 1913. We were overwhelmed by the majesty of the place — I can’t even describe it. Not only is there the high dome, but the floor is inlaid tile.

While we were in there I heard some really cool music. I wanted to contact the hotel to see what CD they were playing so I could purchase it. I was surprised as I looked around to see the music was being played live by a trio. This  painting represents them. The element that is the most important is “foreshortening.” It is a kind of perspective. The woman’s legs and the neck of the guitar are painted very short  to create the illusion that they are receding from the front to the inner point.

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October 9, 2012

Nicole @ 9:40 pm #

Love it. I love that the girls legs look shiny like real legs. Fun!

Jennifer @ 9:53 pm #

It turned out so great! The floor and walls look great, and I just love the figures, especially the one on the right. I just want to meet him! The colors are great, especially on the base! This is a fun one.

Susie @ 10:49 pm #

One of my favorites! Love the reflection on the shiny floor and the shadows on the clothing. And, of course, the musical instruments. It’s a WOW for me!

October 10, 2012

Sarah @ 6:30 am #

Love this one. I wish I could be there and hear the music.

jared @ 7:09 am #

Excellent! I love your musician paintings!

Christine @ 11:05 am #

Daddy, I think you are such an amazing artist.

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