This is the beautiful city of Venice. You see depth in the painting because it has linear perspective. The waterway is wider at the front and narrower at the back. The buildings do the same. Note the reflections in the water. The white part is the reflection of the sky, while the rest is reflection of buildings and gondolas. There is a magic in that place. I’ve tried to create that magic feeling in the painting.

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June 23, 2008

Christine @ 8:05 am #

That is such a great painting. I absolutely love everything about it. The water is beautiful, the buildings are beautiful, and it has the quality of making you want to be there.

Suzanne @ 10:52 am #

The colors are amazing. It is a beautiful painting.

Margaret @ 12:44 pm #

This is definitely my kind of art! I absolutely love the subject and the feeling you have been able to create. Wouldn’t Grandma Ethel Slack love this one!!

Jennifer @ 4:08 pm #

I love the colors that portray the crumbling charm of Venice.

July 20, 2010

Angel @ 12:16 am #

Besides the colors, the visual angle is great. It’s like an architect’s perspective.

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