Visiting is the great American pastime. In fact, it is the great European pastime. I’ve tried to portray people of different ages, sizes and beauty. After all, we’re all different looking. I have atmospheric perspective – the people in the front are clearer and sharper, while the woman sitting further back is somewhat less detailed. The brick wall is more detailed than the background which is faded. There is linear perspective. The sidewalk is wider at the front than it is further back. The lines of the brickwork do the same thing. Both of these techniques give a feeling of depth. You can walk into the picture and stop to visit the people there.

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March 24, 2008

Margaret @ 9:52 pm #

. . . and I still love the painting, imagining what they are talking about and noticing the lone lad back on the picnic bench. It is so fun to make up stories about paintings, especially this one!

March 25, 2008

Christine @ 7:26 am #

The people in this painting are definitely interesting. You did a great job of portraying different sizes, genders, ages, etc. It is always fun to see how you will portray people in your artwork.

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