Waikiki Sunset


Many years ago I went on a deployment with the U.S. Air Force Reserves to Hawaii. After we got checked in, they gave us free time. I went with some buddies to Waikiki. The bus let us off downtown. I had dreamed of visiting the beach there since I was a little kid, so I was especially excited. My buddies were more interested in shopping for souvenirs, especially tee shirts. I was bored out of my mind and really mad because I wanted to see the beach! Finally, I just walked away from them. They followed me. I went between some buildings. There was the beach. This was the scene I saw. They acted like it was their idea to go there. Hmmmm.

I tried to show the reflection of the sunset in the water by putting the red and orange between black lines that represent waves. Note the person. It is a silhouette. I think that is what makes the painting.

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January 16, 2009

Margaret @ 1:47 pm #

Hawaiian clouds, beach and sunset are so fabulously colorful and beautiful and you have brought back memories I have been able to experience for myself several times. Such a great picture!

Christine @ 3:34 pm #

This painting is beautiful. I love how the sky and the ocean blend together into just a whole bunch of beautiful colors.

Natalie @ 9:39 pm #

I know your granddaughter Ashley Bryan. I’am one of her great friends. i love the paintings you have done that are hanging in Ashley’s house. They are great pictures.

Ashley @ 9:44 pm #

Hi Grandpa! I love that painting! There are so much beautiful colors that you have portrade into that one of a kind painting! I am so glad that you are my grandpa and can paint so many beautiful things!!!

January 24, 2009

Susie @ 12:57 pm #

Gorgeous colors! I agree with you. The silhouetted figure puts the viewer into the painting, and you can almost feel the ocean breeze.

February 24, 2009

Max @ 10:17 am #

Very Pretty. I would like to go there someday

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