Wedding Portrait


I remember holding her–my heart was on fire. I couldn’t live without her. She was my new bride.

We’ve spent approximately four decades together raising kids, working, losing jobs, getting new ones, watching loved ones die, electing presidents, marrying off our kids, enjoying grandkids. Last year she sat by my bed as I was on life-support for nineteen days. She’s spent several months now, nursing me back to health. My heart is still on fire — only more so.

I’ve portrayed our wedding day as I want it to be remembered for generations. As usual, I break things down to shapes, values and colors. Her veil is made up of different colored blocks. My hair has many shades and values.

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September 28, 2011

Jennifer @ 2:54 pm #

The painting is stunning, and your tribute made me tear up. I love you both!

Nicole @ 8:53 pm #

What a wonderful picture depicting true love. You guys are a great example to me of eternal love. I love you!

Sarah @ 9:13 pm #

Absolute love.

September 30, 2011

Susie @ 11:02 am #

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful couple! I love it!!

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