White Barn


white-barnThis is the finished product of my previous post “Frustration.”  You’ll notice a strong sense of atmospheric perspective – the cornstalks are painted much larger than the barn, and they are painted much sharper while the barn is vague, giving an illusion of depth.  The cornstalks on the left go off the canvas, giving a vertical anchor to the picture, while the horizon line gives a horizontal anchor.  There is a strong contrast created by the organic shapes of the cornstalks, but the barn is rigid.

I need to mention that the cornstalk shapes were painted in a flowing motion.  I didn’t work them hard, instead I squinted my eyes  and just let emotion take over.

The painting looks much simpler than it actually was.  It was worth the frustration and hard work required to complete it.

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March 22, 2009

nicole @ 8:53 am #

It turned out beautiful. Good job Daddy!

Jennifer @ 9:59 am #

I love the finished product, and the commentary was interesting, too. A great painting!

Christine Roach @ 10:47 am #

Love it, love it, love it! I think you captured what cornstalks look like in the fall very well.

Michelle Stack @ 12:49 pm #

It looks like Indiana!

Angie @ 2:40 pm #

I love all of the color! Great picture.

Sarah @ 3:40 pm #

I love this painting! I love the atmospheric perspective. It is so interesting to look at. Good job!

March 25, 2009

Susie @ 4:50 pm #

Your frustration turned into perfection! Love the cornstalks and beautiful colors.

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