Will Bryan


This was a portrait assignment from college. The subject is my son-in-law, Will Bryan. He was seated in our darkened basement, watching TV. I had a light illuminating his face. Notice the light highlights contrasted by the dark background. This is a very good representation of him. I was very free with the colors. I let go with my emotions. My professor really liked this portrait. Now, thirteen years later, he is a CPA. The painting is displayed in his home office.

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November 29, 2010

Jennifer @ 6:58 pm #

I have always loved this one. The mood is created by the light and I love the looseness of the brush strokes.

Angie @ 7:15 pm #

Love it, love it. The lighting and texture are fantastic!

Chuck @ 8:21 pm #

I love the contrast used around Will’s face.

Winnie Bowling @ 9:54 pm #


That is a wonderful portrait.

It has, and will stand the test of time.

Christine Roach @ 10:45 pm #

I do feel that you give magic to your portrayal. It is one of my favorites of your portraits.

November 30, 2010

Susie @ 12:24 am #

No wonder your professor liked this – it’s incredible!

Ashley @ 3:45 pm #

I’m so glad I have this in my house!!!

Rosemary @ 8:29 pm #

This is better than most portraits I see. It has more of a realness to it, rather than a mask of the person. I did 2 portrits this week: one is terrible and I’ve already torn the second one in half. HA!!!!! I won’t get better by not doing it.

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