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willMy daughter married a guy named Will.  His parents call him William.  We call our daughter Jennifer.  He calls her Jen.  Anyway, he’s a very cool guy.  Everybody loves him.  He is so much fun.  When a big game comes up, we go with him to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch it on a large screen t.v. and eat wings.  We’ve gone to lots of concerts with him and have traveled together in Europe and all over the country.

I did a portrait of his wife (see my October 26, 2009 post “Jennifer”) and wanted to do a matching portrait of him.  He’s not nearly as pretty as she is, but he is very handsome and has a great personality.  I wanted to portray the sparkle in his eyes and his fun-loving personality.

Look at his eyes.  On the right side you’ll see white highlights.  They travel clear over to the left side.  Look at at the right side of his face.  It is closer to the light source, so is painted very light.  On the left side of the nose and face you see darker paint, representing shadow.  That gives dimension to the face.  Note the smile wrinkles at the sides of the eyes to give personality.

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January 1, 2010

A. Josie: @ 3:37 pm #

I love this. And I love your expressions of love for your family and your love for Will. A wonderful son-in-law becomes like a son of your very own. And I love you, too!

Christine @ 5:17 pm #

I like how you portray the light in this painting. It shows not only the light in the room but the light within your subject. :)

Teri @ 5:54 pm #

Tom….another great job in artistry and creation! I can’t really decide whether I love the scapes (land or city) you do or the portraits, both are so good and always make me feel the work!!

Margaret @ 7:21 pm #

What a great portrait of Will – it’s so good! You have certainly captured his personality with that wonderful warm smile. Will is such a great husband and father and such a supportive and loving “son” to you too!

January 2, 2010

Susie @ 11:09 am #

Fantastic, Tom! Will’s fun-loving personality is evident even in a formal portrait. Great job!

LaDawn @ 2:12 pm #

This is great.

January 4, 2010

Will @ 8:29 am #

What do you mean I am not pretty!! :) Seriously, though, I was and am very excited about the painting. We are still trying to figure out where to put this one, and the portrait of Jennifer (I love that one as well!).

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