Winter Morning


Along the National Highway in Indiana is the small town of Greenfield. The famous poet, James Whitcomb Riley, grew up here. His home is on this road. If you go around the block you will find the back of his property.

This painting shows a winter scene. It is dramatic because it has the fence and trees back lit. The fence is larger at the left and gets smaller as it goes to the right. This is linear perspective. The trees and fence are larger than the buildings in the background. This is a technique of atmospheric perspective. It gives a feeling of depth as the painting is viewed.

The sun shines brightly on the snow and the cast shadows are blue, reflecting the color of the sky. I have tried to portray the frigid, cold air.

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January 22, 2011

Todd @ 1:28 pm #

Tom, this is gorgeous! Congrats, bro!!

Sharon McCarty @ 1:36 pm #

That is absolutely gorgeous! Wow. I love the clear feeling it depicts.

Margaret @ 1:41 pm #

Wow – wow – wow – that’s so beautiful! You have created a magnificent scene – I’m so impressed. That painting would look wonderful on anyone’s wall, believe me! Way to go, Tom. Keep it up.

Susie @ 1:48 pm #

I love this, Tom! I really like the way you painted the reflection of the fence and the trees without their leaves. The blue color scheme, with touches of yellow, is so pretty.

Sarah @ 2:22 pm #

Brrrr! This painting is very interesting visually. I love to look at it.

Dave @ 3:04 pm #

Great job, Tom. You’re hitting your stride again.

Jennifer @ 3:25 pm #

Love it!!! This is a unique color palette. I love seeing youslowing down and trying some new things.

Larraine @ 4:19 pm #

I absolutely enjoy your snow paintings more than anything else (like the red barn). YOU are the person who taught me the colors of snow! Thanks Tom =)

Lauri @ 6:17 pm #

I love it, Tom! I just want to jump over that fence and build a snowman!

January 24, 2011

Angie @ 3:01 pm #

Wow that is beautiful. Snow has a beautiful calming effect. You portrayed that perfectly.

ellen tuttle @ 5:06 pm #

I instantly felt the cold and the quiet beauty of the snow and ice. Thank you for sharing. Ellen Tuttle

Donna Benjamin @ 11:34 pm #

WOW Tom!!! This is sooo beautiful! I love the snow and this is like looking out of a window!!! You can feel the cold!!! I love the tiny bit of warmth as the sun shines on the fence. The shadows are awesome! This is really a favorite of mine!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

January 28, 2011

Frank Zweegers @ 10:20 am #

Beautiful work!

January 30, 2011

jim @ 10:06 pm #

I was born in greenfield !

February 14, 2011

crissy @ 11:06 am #

My best friend grew up next door. We used to play in that yard. We referred to it as the Riley Yard.

March 27, 2011

Ashley @ 8:59 pm #

Wow that is an amazing painting. I love the colors used in it! The various hues of blue and purple are beautiful.


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