Winter on Market Street



If you really look at sunlight, it has a yellowish tint. Likewise, shadow is blue. You can see that in this painting. The streetlights in the shadow are blue, basically because they are in the shadow and they reflect the color of  the sky above. As you go farther in the painting, the lights turn yellow because they are in the sunlight. There is linear perspective because the sidewalk gets narrower the further into the painting it goes. There is atmospheric perspective because the cars are more detailed up closer than the ones in the distance. Also they are larger up close than the ones in the background. These things give the painting depth. You feel like you could walk down the sidewalk.

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January 3, 2008

Jennifer @ 8:17 am #

I love the contrast of warm and cool colors in the painting. It makes you want to walk to the end of the sidewalk so you can stand in the warm sun.

Larraine @ 9:37 am #

I LOVE your pretty paintings of Indy! This with snow is great!

Christine @ 6:24 pm #

This is a beautiful painting and really gives the atmosphere of winter in Indianapolis.

January 5, 2008

Susie @ 11:09 am #

You have such an eye for picture composition. The elegant capitol building is the focus point, but the street lights, building canopy, bare tree branches, etc. really add to the overall effect.

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